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Dean Trading Framework Quarterly Membership | Nifty Technical Analysis

Dean Trading Framework Quarterly Membership

(6 customer reviews)
100% of buyers said they were very happy to join DTF Membership...

$210.00 $140.00 every 3 months for 24 months

What’s included in DTF Quarterly Membership?

Becoming a member will instantly open doors to all the content on this website…

You will get instant access to a whopping 143 videos on the following topics…

  1. Advanced Technical Analysis
    • Wyckoff Market Cycles and Schematics (WMCS)
    • Auction Market Theory (AMT)
    • Innovation Adoption Curve (IAC)
  2. Market Profile Course
  3. Volume Spread Analysis Course
  4. Order Flow Course
  5. 21 Live Market Sessions (more than an hour each)
  6. Market Profile, Volume Spread Analysis and Order Flow Charts Settings

How to communicate?

You will get access to our members-only Facebook Group to stay in touch with us and know the latest at NTA…

Access to our members-only Telegram Group to receive regular updates on markets (no trade recommendations at all)…

Why join us?

Highest Quality Of Learning

We have an absolute commitment to bringing you the best in the field of Advanced Technical Analysis. That reflects in the content we share with you. It is carefully crafted to help you take your market understanding to the next level.

Dependable Support

We are fully cognizant of the fact that these concepts are difficult to understand and you will need support from time to time. We are proud to say that ALL your queries will be answered without fail.

No Refunds

We don't hold back when it comes to giving you the best we have to offer. We have made a full commitment to helping you improve your market understanding. And we expect you to make a commitment of at least 3 months with us. If you don't like what you get you don't renew from next quarter. But absolutely no refunds under any circumstances.

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Do you have a reliable trading framework?

Joining the  Dean Trading Framework Membership will instantly open doors to all the content on this website…

You will get instant access to all the tastefully crafted content on our website. The major topics of focus in this Reliable Trading Framework are as follows…

  1. Wyckoff Market Cycles and Schematics
  2. Auction Market Theory
  3. Innovation Adoption Curve
  4. Market Profile
  5. Volume Spread Analysis
  6. Order Flow Analysis.

Additions Planned

Not only do we have an impressive list already, but we plan to add a fresh set of topics to the list in coming days. We listen to our subscribers. We add content that you feel is important to your trading. Some of the topics that are on the anvil are as follows…

  1. Options Trading Course
  2. Risk Management Course (Our Proprietory CRA Framework)
  3. Trading Psychology Course
  4. Combining Our Dean Trading Framework with other advanced Technical Analysis tools such as…
    • Elliott Wave
    • Ichimoku
    • Traditional Technical Analysis
    • Technical Indicators
    • Participants Analysis
    • More will keep adding to this list…

How to stay in touch?

Not only that, you will get access to our members-only Facebook Group to stay in touch with us and know the latest at NTA…

Access to our members-only Telegram Group to receive regular updates on markets (no trade recommendations at all)…

Our Mission

Consistent trading profitability can only be achieved through improved market understanding. Focusing on trade setups and entry exits won’t help you achieve long term and sustainable results. For that, you need a reliable trading framework. The author of this course Dean has been a full-time trader since 2005. He has amassed extensive experience in this field over the years. His tool of choice is Market Profile. His unending quest is to find the answer to the question “Why market does what it does?”…

He has cultivated this Dean Trading Framework. It focuses on assessing the risk associated with the markets at any given moment. It helps you find lucrative trading opportunities all the while keeping your risk in check…

6 reviews for Dean Trading Framework Quarterly Membership

  1. PHOENIX (verified owner)

    If u really need to understand how markets behave and what are the factors that move them, then this is the best course that you can opt for.
    It will take all your anxieties and insecurities away while trading.
    You can’t control or predict market but you will be able to control your actions and reactions after understanding “why market does what it does”
    For me, it was an absolute game changer and changed my approach completely to see the markets and eventually changed my PnL for better.
    And I hope u wont miss out on your chance to benefit from this.

    Dean is an amazing and very patient teacher. You’ll be able to learn great things not only about market but all other things that goes around it..

    So overall, “The Best available course by best teacher on Market Profile”

    Thanks again

    • Dean Market Profile

      Thank you very much…

  2. Jitendra (verified owner)

    Absolutely a great course for anybody who wants to learn market profile,order flow and VSA.The course is structured in a very logical way with much deeper understandings rather than just the terminologies.After attending the intensive i am now feeling confident in market than before. My anxiety has reduced to greater extent. Dean’s calmness in answering all the doubts and questions is amazing. Surely i will recommend the course for all


    • Dean Market Profile

      Thank you so much…

  3. Rajev (verified owner)

    My journey with trading started in 2010 when i first joined a broking firm as management trainee. Then started trading seriously from 2017. Like others i used to see candle stick patterns, buy sell calls by many so called market experts and i failed miserably . i had blown up my account many times. Then i realised that trading is not that easy and we have to understand the market. Then i came to know market profile and about our beloved DEAN sir.
    Dean sir used to conduct live sessions twice in a week which i started attending and one thing i realized that the way sir was explaining , its totally different . there was no rule of buy sell. but sir was trying to give the understanding various market participants. that day i realized that i got my guru and this is the place where i need to start. and my journey starts with dean trading frame work.

    In my last one month experience , i gradually started looking at the market totally different way. All concepts, Market profile , VSA, Orderflow the way Dean sir has explained, it was amazing. you can realize only when you will have that sessions. Every session explained by sir has so much in depth meaning that when ever i go through this session, always learn new things. iI started feeling more confident which is most important .
    As a teacher, Dean sir is very much patient and listen to your all queries and answer all of them . Really blessed to be associated with you sir. I hope i would have met you few years back, i could have saved my lots of sleepless nights.

    Strongly recommended.. Best mentor and best coach.

    Thanks Dean for sharing all your knowledge which you have gained over years with all your struggle and sacrifice.

    Rajev Bhowmik

    • Dean Market Profile

      Thank you so much…

  4. Stalin Jose (verified owner)

    If You want to understand the market then this is the place…
    Thank you Dean for all the knowledge that I imparted from you.

    • Dean Market Profile

      Thank you…

  5. Suny (verified owner)

    I have been a market profile trader for some years now and am someone who is in love with MP. In spite of having the privilege of being mentored by one of the best I know before taking Dean’s course, I would still say that Dean’s course clarified many questions, reinstated the concepts and it felt like the missing part of puzzle. Still for a beginner, I feel this is a complete course in itself and one of the best I ever attended. Dean is a wonderful person and his knowledge on the subject is something I cannot stop admiring. Glad that I was part of this course. Thanks Dean.

    • Dean Market Profile

      Thank you very much…

  6. Agnelo carvalho (verified owner)

    If anyone wants to know markets from the scratch this is the course for you I am also a beginner in trading and this course which Dean Sir conducts is just awesome as Sir explains everything in detail and in a very simple language which any one can understand Sir has some unique concepts like his explanation of the market context which helps you to understand markets better and be prepared for the best as well as the worst which takes away have of your anxiety….further
    Sirs course is like a whole package and his experience is just priceless….will save loads of sleepless nights and of course your hard earned money…..Sir is an awesome teacher
    Thanks Dean Sir
    Agnelo Carvalho

    • Dean Market Profile

      Thank you very much…

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